How Do I Prepare For A Contractors License in Virginia?

Becoming a Licensed Contractor In Virginia

Ready to become a licensed contractor in Virginia? Then you already understand the importance of receiving your statewide license and the potential income opportunities ahead. Of course, you will need to determine which license you want to obtain first: Virginia Class A Contractor License Virginia Class B Contractor License Virginia Class C Contractor License

Exams for Contractors License in Virginia

No matter which type of contractor you wish to become, all applicants MUST complete a mandatory 8 hour pre-licensing course prior to submitting the application. Additionally, Class A or Class B contractors must also pass an examination on the regulations of the board and on business management practices. You are also required to pass an examination specific to your type of work. Be aware that the Board must pre-approve your ability to sit for the exam. There may even be unique permitting requirements to obtain your Virginia contractor license based on local towns, cities, municipalities, or even governments that are below the state level, and beyond the Commonwealth of Virginia business registration requirements.

How To Prepare for Your Exams

There is no question that passing the test is crucial to the licensure process, no matter which test you need. Thankfully, our students walk in on exam day armed with the knowledge and test-taking methodology they need to feel confident on test day. It’s our goal to help students pass on the first try and here are some of the tips we offer:

Understand The Material

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that because the exam is open-book that means it is easy. Many find the exam to be even more difficult for that very reason. It’s important that you familiarize yourself with the book, both its content and layout. You are allowed to have your resource materials tabbed and highlighted so that you can use them efficiently when needed.

Get Study Tips

Even the best of students need help. Many students often come to us after thinking they can tackle the material on their own, only to find the material overwhelming or too dense. We provide the tips that matter most such as what content to study, how to approach problem solving, and how to pace yourself on test day.

Practice Your Test Taking Skills

The more you practice the more likely you are to achieve success, including on your exams. Our practice exams give students the opportunity to see the type of questions and answers that mirror past license exams. This gives them a taste of what they should expect on exam day, which also lets them feel well-prepared and less anxious.

After The Exam

Once you’ve passed your exam, and provided you’ve met the other state-specific eligibility requirements, you can submit your application and licensing fee to the Virginia Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation.

Why @Home Prep

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