How to Get a Food Handler License Online

According to US statistics, one in six Americans is affected by foodborne illnesses annually and about 3,000 of those cases are fatal. These incidents can also cost a restaurant a lot of money (from thousands to millions), according to this recent report. Thus, proper food handling education is important both for our physical well being and a restaurant’s financial health.
Foodborne illness typically happens when people consume either contaminated or mishandled products. Even minor mishandling, such as germs from employees, can cause foodborne outbreaks. To protect everyone from the food handler to the customer, obtaining a food handler certification is often necessary for those who work in a restaurant.

Food Handler Certificate Value

Because it is very easy to create breeding grounds for bacteria in food prep, it is important to have the proper education when preparing food, especially for a restaurant. Failing to take proper food preparation precautions is a liability for the business. Most states require employees to get this training in order to work in the food industry. From an employee perspective, having this training amplifies value because this knowledge keep customers safe and restaurants reputable. Having this certification creates more opportunities as employees with this training already completed can begin work immediately.

How to Get Certified

Getting certified is an easy and simple process. The first step is researching your state food handling regulations. Some states require a food safety course for anyone handling food in a food service business, while other states have different requirements that could vary from county to county. Luckily for most states, the food handling courses can be taken online. Online certification is great because you can complete the course at your convenience.It’s simple to track employee progress, provide proof in the case of an audit, and it can be done on the employee’s schedule. Being able to self pace allows people to process the information as opposed to being overwhelmed in a classroom setting. Our online courses meet state-specific requirements and allow employees and managers to learn the specific health regulations for their area. Once the course is completed, you simply pay the fee and print your certificate which is valid for up to thirty days until the official certification arrives. Typically, food handling permits do not expire, however checking state-specific expiration is recommended. Certifications are often recognized for between three to five years. While some businesses need certifications to be posted, regulations can vary. Keeping it on the premises, even if not displayed, is usually required. With food handling certification, you gain an employment advantage and understand which precautions are necessary to keep customers safe. These certifications can save lives and eliminate potential lawsuits. By taking initiative to gain knowledge in food handling, more future opportunities will be available for you! Ready to get started on your state-specific certification? Click here to learn more.
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