Massachusetts Construction Industry Update

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While some areas of the county (like Tennessee) have maintained a steadier construction pace during this past year, Massachusetts saw a significant decrease due to Covid. The drop in demand for both commercial and residential construction was significantly lower in the state. Add in strict restrictions and shut-downs, and it makes sense why Massachusetts overall construction numbers fell. Here’s where things stand today, the outlook for 2021 and the opportunities available.

Massachusetts Construction Today

Despite the setback of 2020, the construction industry is starting to recover slowly. Articles like this one from High Profile point out that there are bright spots for local construction and that “statistics show that construction is back to 90% of the employment level from we where we stood in February” (of 2020).  This, plus the number of construction companies that continue to provide infrastructure and essential work, is enough to provide some cautious optimism for those in the industry.

Opportunities In Massachusetts Construction

Even prior to the pandemic, Massachusetts faced a shortage of finding skilled labor and as a result, higher cost impacts for construction projects. For those companies still busy during the pandemic, the shortage was even more pronounced. This is a trend that affects more than just one state. According to the Association of General Contractors of America, more than half of employers are having trouble hiring enough employees to complete jobs in a cost-effective and timely manner. The AGC also reports that, “in Massachusetts, 5 out of the 5 most numerous construction occupations had higher median pay than the median for all employees in the state in 2019.” In other words, construction jobs pay well!  For those willing to invest in becoming licensed, the opportunities are available.

Becoming A Licensed Contractor in Massachusetts

In the state of Massachusetts, general contractors must be licensed and registered. If you’re considering growing your career, you can learn more here or contact us today at 1-800-952-0910 to start get started!
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