The Number 1 Reason To Get Your Contractor’s License Today

It’s been nearly 6 months since the entire world was rocked by COVID-19. Since then, everyone’s scrambled to pivot, adjust and adapt to some kind of new normal. Many businesses, large and small, have shuttered for good. Even some industries have questioned their longevity within a fragile economy. COVID-19 Impact On Construction However, there is one industry that is clearly not only surviving but thriving again: construction. In fact, last month US home construction surged by 22.6%. This was true across the nation as all regions saw growth, well above what was expected. As this article points out, the construction industry has made significant changes to logistics and operations that have increased both productivity and effectiveness. These adaptations show how committed the industry as a whole is to keeping employees both safe and actively working.

Contractor Licensing

If you’ve delayed getting your contractor’s license, we don’t suggest waiting any longer. Most states require licensing to work as a general contractor. Some areas of construction, such as plumbing or painting, may not require a license, but that may still depend on the state guidelines. Licensure is the best way to move your career forward, providing more income and project opportunities. Without a license, you may be limited on the amount of work you can do, based on the size of the project. In fact, you may be limited to handyman only jobs, and even those could potentially be limited by the size of the job. Many states limit handyman jobs at $1,000. Some states set limits around the type of work that can be done. As always, it’s best to check your state specific guidelines. Getting your contractors license not only prepares you for bigger projects, it gives employers and clients confidence that you are current on trends in the construction industry and up to date on safety regulations.

Invest In Your Future. Invest In Yourself.

Though no one can predict exactly when the economy will fully recover, isn’t it time to invest in yourself and future opportunities today? Start by contacting us at 1-800-952-0910 or selecting your state to view the courses right for your career goals.