How Do I Prepare For A Contractors License In Georgia?

Becoming a Licensed Contractor In Georgia

If you are considering getting your Georgia contractor’s license, you are probably already aware that the state requires a license for any work over $2,500. Most people who get the required license do so to find more career growth and income opportunities. The first step is to determine the license you need:
  • Residential-Basic Contractor
  • Residential-Light Commercial Contractor
  • General Contractor
  • General Contractor Limited Tier

Exams for Contractors License in Georgia

For any of the Georgia contractors licenses you seek, all applicants MUST complete a Business and Law exam. For those seeking Residential, Residential Light Commercial, General Contractor license, you will also need to pass the Construction exam. How To Prepare for Your Exams Since the exams are required, you must pass them to move forward with your license application. Our @HomePrep students can confidently walk in on exam day armed with everything they need to successfully pass the exam(s) on the first try. Here are some of the tips we offer:

Understand The Material

Yes, the exam is open- book. No, that does not mean it will be easy. Many students find the exam to be even more difficult so it’s important that you familiarize yourself with the book, both its content and layout. Our courses help you tab and highlight important sections so that you can use them efficiently during the test.

Get Study Tips

Another thing that catches people off guard is that most people need help to pass on the first try. Often, students find us after thinking they can tackle the material on their own, but discover that it’s overwhelming or too dense. Our instructors at @HomePrep guide you through material with invaluable tips, study skills and problem solving skills so you can pace yourself on test day.

Practice Your Test Taking Skills

The more you practice the more likely you are to achieve success. This is true of most things in life, including on your Georgia Contractors license exams. Our students use the practice exams we provide to see the type of questions and answers have been used before on past exams, or to mirror them. This gives students a taste of what they can expect on exam day, which also lets them feel well-prepared and less anxious.

After The Exam

Once you’ve passed your exam, and met all the other state-specific eligibility requirements, you can submit your application and licensing fee to the Georgia State Licensing Board For Residential and General Contractors.

Why @Home Prep

@HomePrep is here to help contractors and trades professionals in Georgia who are serious about career growth, investing in themselves and increasing income opportunities. Our primary goal is to deliver the highest quality Georgia contractors license courses and books at the lowest possible price. We have served over 100,000 professionals and skilled tradesmen in the past six years and are proud to offer inclusive and beneficial content from experts in over 25 different industries. Our courses are state and industry compliant, easy to take, and come with a No Pass No Pay guarantee. For more information on our online class and how it can help you pass your Georgia Contractors License, contact our office at 1-800-952-0910 or learn more here.