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Individuals who repair, install, or service conditioned air systems or equipment in Georgia are required to be licensed under Georgia law. Whether you have a restricted Class I license or an unrestricted Class II license, you will need to complete four hours of continuing education annually in order to renew your license. The current license period will end on November 30, so there’s no time to waste to get your continuing education hours completed today.

Bloodborne pathogens training is important for any professional that comes into contact with blood or other bodily fluids at work. While this applies to many careers in healthcare, it also applies to professionals who tattoo, apply permanent makeup, and perform body piercings or microblading. Not only is bloodborne pathogens training vital to your personal health and that of your clients, it’s also the information you need to guarantee that your shop is clean and you are using best practices in every way.

Workplace safety is an important part of a healthy, happy, and productive work force, no matter what sort of environment the work is done in. From a heavy industrial setting where workers are in contact with machinery and tools to an office space where workers sit at desks using computers, different tasks require safety procedures and OSHA has specific regulations as well.

Through an exciting new partnership with Pearson Vue, we have dramatically expanded our course offering! We now offer programs in the areas of advanced manufacturing, business and professional, healthcare, IT and software development, project management and quality, and workplace readiness.

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