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Why HVAC Repair Is A Great Career

If you have ever considered a career as an HVAC technician, there is no better time to join the industry. The HVAC industry is not only thriving, but also in constant demand year-round. In the last several decades, the number of homeowners and rentals has greatly increased and with this trend, there is a growing need for skilled tradesmen and women in HVAC repair. Choosing a career path or pursuing a different venture is challenging, but can also be rewarding long-term. HVAC repair offers a rewarding career on multiple levels including pay, availability of jobs, demand, and advantageous life-style considerations. Here’s why HVAC repair can be a fulfilling long-term career:
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New Course: Management Basics

Do you have the desire or need to better your management and people skills? If you answered yes to that question, then our new Management Basics Course may be a great fit for you!

The Management Basics course discusses common psychological theories pertaining to managing people, as well as the skills needed to be an effective manager in the modern business world. The course also provides managerial behaviors to avoid in the workplace to ensure success of a team and company. This course is ideal for managers of every level across a multitude of industries.

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How to Obtain Your Auctioneering License and Renewals

Interested in becoming an auctioneer? Then you’ll want to know what it takes to get your license to launch this new career. Only 37 states actually require auctioneer licensing. While they may have different state specific requirements, most have the same basic overall conditions. In some states, an apprenticeship may be needed before auctioneer licensing is granted.

Basic requirements include:

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What is a TABC certification?

Are you looking to venture into the alcohol business in Texas? If so, you’re required to be TABC certified. Here are a few pieces of information that should help you become more informed about what that really means and what to expect from the process.

What Is A TABC Certificate?

TABC stands for Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission. In its simplest form, a TABC certificate is the first step towards being able to sell alcoholic beverages in the state of Texas. Texas employs licensed third-party employees, who work with people seeking to obtain their TABC certificate. A few of the skills that you will be taught include:
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What is the General Contractor Renewal Process?

If you are a licensed general contractor, you will eventually need a general contractor renewal to keep your license and continue working. As with registering for a general contractor license, the requirements for a license renewal vary by state. In many places, the renewal period for a license is relatively short (two or three years in most states) for an active license. For an inactive license, however, you have a longer expiration period of about four years.
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Do You Need A License To Become A General Contractor?

**updated 11/24/20 If you wish to become a general contractor, you probably wonder what steps you need to take to get there. The most important question is: do you need a license to become a general contractor? The basic answer is that yes, you legally need a license to become a general contractor. However, general contractor licensing requirements are determined at the state level. Therefore, you might not need the same license requirements to work in Florida as you do in Tennessee.
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How To Read Blueprints For Residential And Commercial Construction

Learning how to read blueprints for residential and commercial construction is essential for a career as a contractor. In fact, whether you are seeking a career as a construction professional, a skilled sub-contractor, a tradesperson or you are a consumer with a pending new build or rebuild, learning to decode blueprints will ensure the best results for your project. Check out our article below for an overview of the nuts and bolts of reading residential and commercial construction blueprints. For more in depth information, please check out our Blueprint Reading for Construction Trades course.
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How to Become an Electrician

** Updated 7/2020 No matter where you live becoming an electrician is a solid career choice. Most licensed electricians earn over $50,000 and with increased construction throughout the US, this industry keeps growing. The hands-on nature of the job and client satisfaction are additional reasons people enjoy this work.  Did you know there are only a few basic steps to become a certified electrician? While each state has specific training and exam requirements, the general steps are the same.  Though electricians can train in as few as nine months to work as an entry-level technician, you will need to train for five to six years as an apprentice to earn journeyman status.  Detailed below are the six most important steps to becoming an electrician.
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Eight Pro Tips for New Project Managers

Project management is an uphill and tricky path with no red thread leading you right to the target. However, there are specialists that have gained experience and became pros easily juggling 7 projects at a time.

Want to be among them? Dig in the following guide from the PM of Belitsoft Alexander Kosarev. He has put together a series of tips that will help you get into the right mindset and avoid rookie mistakes.

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Top 7 Tips For a Rookie Java Developer

If once upon a time you woke up and saw your future in the Java World you would definitely use some help with the hardest part: the start. In this article, Baris Okuneu a Java team lead at Belitsoft left an early Christmas present of useful tips which will help avoid the pitfalls and raise the quality of your code to the next level.

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Alabama HVAC Licenses Expire December 31

The deadline for Alabama HVAC technicians to complete their four required hours of annual continuing education is quickly approaching! It’s easy to get preoccupied when you work full time on top of all the other things life throws at you. But if you haven’t completed the hours you need, there’s no time to delay. If you don’t get in those four hours, you’re at risk of letting your license expire.
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