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Requirements for Getting Your NC Building Contractor License

  In North Carolina, getting a building contractor license is the next step in elevating your career as a contractor. To work on any project that exceeds $30,000, you must have a building contractor license. If you’re ready to take the next step and become a licensed contractor in North Carolina, check out the requirements below.
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Tips for Passing the Georgia Contractors Licensing Exam

  Getting ready for licensing exams is always stressful. Between your work as a contractor and keeping your clients happy, it may feel challenging to find time to prepare for your exam. But we all know how important it is to pass that exam as you continue to invest in yourself to advance your career. That’s why we put together some tips for passing the Georgia Contractors Licensing Exam.
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5 Construction Certifications to Earn More Money

Every worker comes to a point in their construction career where they wonder if they could make more money. This is where education and certifications come in handy. By earning different types of certifications, you can easily bump up your paycheck and become more skilled in your field. With different types of technologies in the construction industry, it is always a good time to brush up on your skills and look into certifications you may be qualified to obtain. If you’re not sure where to start, check out these 5 construction certifications to help you earn more money. 
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Construction Trends and Opportunities

    This is a great time to check out the trends and opportunities in the construction industry. After a tough year of labor shortages and supply chain stresses, it’s important to see if the trends are shifting or staying the same throughout 2021. Take a look at some of this year’s trends and how they can help you find opportunities in the construction industry. 
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CE Requirements for Contractors in Oregon

  As a contractor, it’s no secret that you know your stuff. But in some states, contractors need to make sure they are keeping up with continuing education requirements to keep working. Continuing education in construction allows you to stay up to date with your skills and learn new things to excel in your current position. Here are the continuing education requirements you need to meet state requirements as a contractor. Oregon Contractor Licensing. Continuing education courses in Oregon.
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Tennessee Contractors License Guide

Construction in Tennessee is booming and state-licensed contractors have more career opportunities than ever right now. That’s because licensed contractors are compliant with the state and can tackle bigger and more complex projects as the state requires licensure prior to bidding contracts $25,000 or more.

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Georgia Contractors License Guide

Work in Georgia’s construction industry? If so, now is the time to optimize your career opportunities with a Georgia Contractors License. That’s because the Georgia State Licensing Board for Residential and General Contractors require general contractors to be licensed for work over $2,500.

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North Carolina Contractors License Guide

Work in North Carolina’s construction industry? Feel like it’s time to maximize your project opportunities? If so, you’ll need a North Carolina contractor’s license. That’s because you need a “General Contractor” license in North Carolina for any project that exceeds $30,000. Any electrical, plumbing, and HVAC projects will also require a license.

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Texas Contractors License Guide

If you’re working in the Texas construction industry and want to maximize your career opportunities, you’ll need a Texas Contractors License. By getting licensed, you will be able to take on bigger and more complex projects. You’ll also have a greater chance for more stable and steady income.

The licensing steps for the Sunshine state are slightly different from others, which is why we’ve created this guide.

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Women Needed In Construction Industry

Similar to tech, construction is a notoriously male-dominated industry. Out of more than 10 million construction workers in the U.S., around 1 million are female. Women working in construction trades average at about 3.4%, meaning there’s approximately one woman to every 20 men in construction – making it a perfect time for more women to get involved in working construction today.
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Construction Spending Is On The Rise

Spring is construction season’s kick off to the industry’s busiest time of year. From March through the end of summer, licensed contractors and crews are at peak earning potential. The need for reliable, licensed contractors has never been higher in most states.
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