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The Number 1 Reason To Get Your Contractor’s License Today

It’s been nearly 6 months since the entire world was rocked by COVID-19. Since then, everyone’s scrambled to pivot, adjust and adapt to some kind of new normal. Many businesses, large and small, have shuttered for good. Even some industries have questioned their longevity within a fragile economy. COVID-19 Impact On Construction However, there is one industry that is clearly not only surviving but thriving again: construction.
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Guide To Passing Your Electrical Licensing Exam

Wondering if the Electrical license exam in your state is hard? Over the past several years, we’ve helped over 100,000 students with licensing and exam prep needs. Our team at @HomePrep understands test anxiety and questions about what to study, as well as how the right exam preparation and a good night’s sleep provides the confidence you need to pass on the first try.
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Staying Current With Trends In The Construction Industry

Construction is one of the oldest industries in the world. For as long as humans have needed shelter, people have needed to build and improve structures. Over time, as populations grew and people chose to settle in central areas, construction practices evolved to provide more permanent structures. Today, it’s one of the largest revenue-producing industries across the globe.
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Guide To Passing Your Plumbing License Exam

Wondering if the Plumbing license exam in your state is hard? Over the past 6 years, @Home Prep has served over 100,000 students. We know the anxiety that comes with most test takers, as well as how the right exam preparation and a good night’s sleep provides the confidence you need to pass.
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Guide To Passing Your HVAC License Exam

Wondering if the HVAC license exam in your state is hard? Having served over 100,000 students in the last 6 years, @HomePrep understands the anxiety that comes with most test takers. Rest assured though because with the right exam preparation and a good night’s sleep you can walk in on test day feeling confident you are prepared to pass.
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Online Courses For Electrical License Continuing Education

Are you a licensed electrician required to take continuing education unit (CEUs) classes to renew your license?  Almost every state requires some form of electrical license CEUs, and it’s important to verify your state-specific stipulations well in advance of your renewal date. That’s because each state will vary in the number of hours, types of courses and how many credits are given to qualify for renewal.   The great news is most electrical license CEUs can be completed online and make it easy for electricians to fulfill their requirements according to their own schedules.  
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How To Become a Contractor In Georgia

If you are considering becoming a contractor in Georgia, your first step is to become licensed. Whether you want to pursue a career as a General Contractor or Residential Contractor, the state of Georgia requires a license for any work over $2,500. Once licensed, your career opportunities increase significantly as you will have credibility as well as higher earning potential. On this page, you can learn more about the education, license types, and requirements of this rewarding career.
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Virginia Class C Contractors License FAQs

Contractors in Virginia need to be licensed to maximize opportunities, and avoid leaving money on the table. Virginia state law requires anyone performing or managing construction, improvements, repair or removal with a total value of a single project over $1,000 to obtain a license from Virginia Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation (DPOR). This not only gives you credibility, but provides higher earning potential.

Per the Virginia Board for Contractors, the contractor licenses consist of two parts; the class of license and the classification or specialty regarding the type of work performed.

The class determines if any restrictions are placed on the contracts/projects performed and the classification determines your specialty.

There are three license classes: Class A, Class B, and Class C, and the class is based on the total value of the project(s).

Here the most frequently asked questions about the Virginia Class C Contractor License:

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